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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 14, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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richard. ben affleck and catherine bigelow had a lot at stake because they had been shut out of the oscar race for best director. in the end ben affleck won and won big. >> and the golden globe goes to -- >> reporter: it was a best drama upset. a thriller about the real life iran hostage of the late '70s. "argo's" director ben affleck won just days after being snubbed for a nomination by the academy awards. >> don't care what the award is when they put your name next to the name that she just read off it's an extraordinary thing in your life. >> reporter: no surprises in the acting category. >> it's a beautiful feeling to reserve this encouragement. >> reporter: best actor went to daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." three big wins on the night for
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less miserables. >> thank you for this lovely blunt object that i will forever more use as a weapon against self-doubt. >> reporter: honors for best actress in a comedy went to jennifer lauren. best supporting actor went to "djang "django unchained." and claire danes won best actress but damien lewis won as best actor. hbo's girls pulled a double surprise winning best comedy and best actress in a comedy for the show's creator. >> i thought i was going to be a cooler customer if this ever happened which i didn't think it would. >> reporter: kudos for best actor in a comedy went to don
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cheatham. >> he is no longer technically in show business. >> reporter: "lincoln" leads the academy awards with 12 nominations. it was a weekend of record setting temperatures across the united states. in the west unseasonably cold weather. farmers have been scrambling there to save $2 billion in citrus and other crops from freezing temperatures. in the east cities topped record highs. in washington and philadelphia flights were delayed for hours due to dense fog. bill karins will have more on the extreme temperatures in a few minutes. preparations are under way for next week's inauguration ceremony. lawmakers return to washington to take up the president's cabinet pick. immigration and the debt ceiling while vice president joe biden finalizes his recommendation on gun control. tracie potts is in washington
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for us. it's a busy week ahead. >> reporter: absolutely. as the rehearsals are under way for this new ration the senate turns its focus to these confirmation hearings. chuck hagel raising a lot of questions with democrats and republicans, no date set for those hearings yet. president obama, those confident that he will be confirmed. meantime the debt and the debt ceiling that we're about to hit again in february, the house is back in session today. they got to address that. republicans pushing for spending cuts at this time could include social security and today vice president biden sits down with cabinet members and members of congress to finalize his recommendation for gown control. we'll present them to the president tomorrow likely to include universal background checks. >> no sleep for you over the next week, right? thank you so much. tracie potts in washington, d.c. former secretary of state colin powell is speaking out on
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nbc's "meet the press." he endorsed chuck hey goebl the new defense secretary. he said he would do a great job at the pentagon. he fired harsh words at his own republican party. >> there's also a dark, a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party. what do i mean by that? what i mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities. how can i evidence that? when i see a former governor say that the president is schucking and jirv'g that's a slave term. >> u.s. will help france in a failed rescue attempt in somalia. french forces tried to rescue an intelligence agent being held by islamic extremists. a second french soldier died from gunshot wound from a rescue attempt. a french fighter plan bombed
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north mali. france said radical groups including al qaeda are trying to extend their power. now here's bill karins. good morning. gold in the west and california. >> on the red carpet and every where else they were chilly. it's cold. 32 in phoenix this morning. you know it's cold every where when they are down to freezing. the jet stream took this big huge dip and loud all the cold canadian air to sink down through the rockies and especially through these calm, clear nights very cold in a few spots. let me show you what we're dealing with. the temperature in the intermountain west is very cold. boise is at 11. cold air spilled into medford. 36 in l.a. at this hour. 27 right now in vegas. some areas have a breeze. others are wind free. the wind chill making itself known. wyoming minus 22.
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san francisco, you're at 41. the wind isn't much of an issue but down right cold and will see a struggle tonight with the sunshine getting up to the low 50s in phoenix. l.a. possibly low 60s. watch out for freezing fog over the next couple of days especially oregon state but not horrible. one more thing. our friends in alaska dealing with a big storm today up there. so be careful traveling anywhere in alaska, anchorage and up to fairbanks everybody is getting s large arctic high pressure system and warm up in many areas. without too much snow out of this big cold air mass but cold and dry in the west. >> single digits. a shocking story out of buffalo v.a. hospital.
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gas prices on the move. hottest wheels out of the detroit auto show. plus caught on tape. the mother of all snowball fights and no pants day on the subway. what? you're watching "early today."
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. stories making news this morning for you. the veterans administration is saying that 700 patients at the buffalo, new york v.a. medical center may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis because of reuse of insulin pens. there's a small risk but the v.a. is offering free blood tests to rule out any infections. today is the one month anniversary of the newtown school shootings that killed 26 people at sandy hook elementary. 200 people attend a meeting on sunday to discuss what to do with the school building in the future. >> new details released this morning from the royal palace. prince william and kate's baby is expected to be delivered in july. her condition has improved.
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the white house has given a detailed response to petition calling for construction of a death star like in "star wars." the tongue in cheek response says the administration does not support quote blowing up planets. also it would cost too much it says and could be destroyed by a single man in a spaceship. on wall street this week it's about big banks. wells fargo reported a jump in quarterly profit. jpmorgan chase weighs in wednesday fold by bank of america on thursday on earnings front today parent. jaguar says its global sales rose 30% last year. on the road prices at the pump were climbing up now seven cents to an average of 3.32. hostess says flowers food the parents come of nature's own is the lead bidder for its bakery
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offering $355 million. the suicide of aaron schwartz has created a crisis of conscience for the internet age. he hanged himself on friday just months before he was set to be tried for illegally downloading thousands of academic articles and hacking in to m.i.t.'s computer network. the u.s. attorney pursued the case relentlessly and as of this morning an online petition asking president obama to remove her from her post had 11,000 signatures. a new website called jet lag can help you avoid that dreaded hangover that comes with crossing time zones by creating a custom sleep schedule to match your itinerary. creators of south park is launching a $300 million production will back a big screen version of their hit broadway show "book of mormon." all eyes on the motor world as
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the media gets a sneak peek at the hottest wheels rolling off the line at the detroit auto show. jay gray is there to give us a glimpse of what's happening there. jay, you got the good assignment, i must say. >> reporter: richard, you're right. surround by some incredible cars including yours. everybody is thankful you loaned the bentley here to the show for the display. and it's doing fine. you can stop texting. no blemishes. things are revving up in the motor city. we see the start of this year's north american international auto show. it's one of the few times each year that the collective horsepower of the entire auto industry is inside one garage. that garage, the massive cobalt convention center in detroit where crews are putting the final polish on this year's north american international auto show. >> the show has got it all. >> reporter: 50 new vehicles will be unveiled at this show including the new corvette uncovered last night.
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>> think that will be the star of the show. >> reporter: a close second might be the array of new luxury vehicles that come with a lot more than leather seats. >> rear view cameras, blind spot detection, sensor when is you fall asleep. >> reporter: merecedes revamped the e class of cars and revealed the u.s. compact. >> we are very, very sure that this goes right into the center of the heart of customers. >> reporter: a customer base that industry wide continues to grow. >> we're seeing the best sales since 2007 and we anticipate that that will keep going up in the next few years. >> reporter: this week we're getting a "first look" at what they will be buying. in a marketplace that from the look of things here will be defined by sleek lines and pretty serious technology. that's the latest live here in detroit. i'm jay gray. richard, back to you. >> my heart is with the corvette. straight ahead the atlanta falcons prepare to host a first-ever championship game.
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. lance armstrong gets ready to tell all to oprah later today. america's bravest on the move. soldier ride heads to florida.
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now for stories making news across america. manhunt ended with gunfire inside a san diego movie theater. armed domestic suspect attempted to blend in with movie goers at a screening but was taken down
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with two shots after raising his gun to responding officers. the suspect is expected to survive. 40 military vets pedalled their way to a new therapy in the florida keys. they fwikd key west for the annual soldiers ride. they stopped at a dolphin research center to take a swim with the animals. folks in seattle gave themselves a record breaking snow day. 6,000 people used 160,000 pounds of snow to break the world record for the world's largest snowball fun. and people stripped down to boxers and briefs for no pants subway ride. in sports nfl playoffs, texans, tom brady passing for three touchdowns in 41-28 win over the texans. brady's 17th win in post-season play a new nfl record. a thriller in atlanta as the falcons were hot in the closing
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minutes to set up a winning field goal. 30-28 over the seahawks. next sunday atlanta will host san francisco in the nfc championship game and the ravens new england for the afc title game. the two winners advance to the super bowl in new orleans on february 3rd. at the sony open, rookie russell sank five birdies for a new tournament record. lance armstrong will sit down for an interview with oprah winfrey and expected to address more than a decade of denials related to blood doping. and here's a sport you may not have seen before. underwater hockey. they use a puck with small sticks that they swim around a pool until they score. don't know if this will catch long. just ahead, justin timberlake teams up with jay-z. and the best moment from the golden globe awards.
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you're watching "early today."
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welcome back on this monday. hope you had a wonderful weekend although a little bit on the chilly side today after the cold start with a lot of sunshine. many areas will do a slow improvement. this is about as cold as it gets in some areas. salt lake city very cold. little bit of freezing fog in areas of oregon especially the valleys but not widespread. i mentioned alaska, a mess up
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there. at least they are getting some warm air. freezing rain back towards fairbanks. that's how it is, west coast is very cold and dry. stormy weather heads up to alaska. >> feeling like winter >> from tina fey, the golden globes were pull of surprises. >> you gave a sung performance in less misermiserables. >> thank you so much for letting me to be a part of "your world tonight." >> haven't been following the controversy over zero dark thirty when it comes to torture i relate to the lady who was married 30 years to james cameron. >> jennifer lawrence went
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strapless in christian dior and lieuy liu had a large sky blue gown. >> that was nice. >> justin timberlake dropped his first new single in over six years. take a listen to "suit and tie" ♪ his voice got lower. >> first time i heard it, i've heard it a couple of time. it's starting to grow on me. >> i'm richard lui. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today, on your nbc station.
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as if there wasn't enough competition in the press corps, a robot has joined the ranks of red carpet reporters in berlin, named roly after a german director. it can sing, conduct interviews and interact with stars on the red carpet. >> like irobot. >> now we have the internet and roly. >> london underground is celebrating 150 years of style. a steam engine pulled enthusiastic riders for a trip. hundreds gathered along platforms to catch a glimpse. some visitors came dressed for the occasion. nice hats. in western australia it looked like a scene right out of a movie. a bright orange dust storm rolled across the coastline enveloping everything in its path. a tugboat worker said the storm happened in minutes. look at this.
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it's crazy. >> look at those pictures. >> doesn't look real. >> the way the sun angle is, it looks orange. on this day in 1969 tragedy struck the aircraft carrier "uss enterprise" in pearl harbor hawaii just before 8:20 a.m. a rocket on board detonated setting off a chain reaction of deadly blasts. >> nuclear aircraft carrier enterprise today was struck by fire and explosion while on maneuvers in the pacific. at least 13 men were killed and 85 to 100 injured. undetermined number are missing. >> the total of 27 sailors died that day. 300 were injured. on this day in 1952 the today show premiered featuring dave garoway as host. >> here we are. good morning to you. very first good morning of what i hope or expect to be a great many good mornings between you and i. we've been work on this for
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quite a while. we're glad to be in your home for the first day. we hope to give you enough to stay with you for a long time. >> a long time it is. 1952. all day long stay on top of the latest developments. and even tonight watch brian williams on "nbc nightly news." here's what's coming up on the "today" show. highlights from the golden globes and savannah goes on a hollywood ad convenient. now, keep it on this channel for local news, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." this your first stop of the day, today, on your nbc station. have a good one.
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new this morning, the big chill plunging parts of the bay area into a deep freeze. we're live from the coldest spot around. plus, you'll find out when a warmup is on the way. a dangerous situation in the south bay. hundreds are forced to suffer during this cold snap because of one basic necessity they haven't had access to in weeks. and very cool outside. when we say cool, we mean cold. a live look over san francisco right now before the sun comes up on this monday, january 14th. this is "today in the bay." 4:30 on the nose. good morning to one and all. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. bay area waking up to frigid temperatures this morning. they dipped well below the freezing mark in most cities overnight. >> one


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